Pronounced {nurd}:

1) one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuit

2) a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious

3) a single-minded expert in a particular technical field

Here at Nerdlife we believe in mass customization!  Why make a million of something when we can make a million different products!  Don't settle for what everyone has...  Make something you love with a little help from Nerdlife!

We also offer object templates and starter ideas if you need some help coming up with your own brilliant idea!

See below for some of our starting line-up of work and jog your imagination today!


Nerdlife strives to bring your passions into your home.

Nerds aren't exclusive to fantasy and geeky nonsense.

Its our strong belief that everyone is a nerd about something!

Don't sell yourself short!  You have your own passions that not everyone understands, we want to create art that embodies that passion and make it one of a kind, just for you!

Don't hesitate to ask Nerdlife to make your dreams a reality and help decorate your home in a way that embodies your passion!

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At Nerdlife we understand your budget needs. Rather than diving off the deep-end and giving out a ridiculous bid, give us a budget to work in and we will respond with various options that work inside your budget!