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PA12 in it's powdered form.

PA12 in it's powdered form.

What are the Rings of Power made from?

Nerdlife crafts its jewelry out of an engineering plastic called PA12 or more commonly known as Nylon 12.  This material is incredibly strong, both in chemical resistance and tensile strengths. 

How are the Rings of Power made?

The jewelry is forged in the fires of Mt. Doom!  (Okay, not really)  Here at Nerdlife we fully believe in mass customization over mass production.  We create all products upon order using advanced methods of additive manufacturing.  Using this process we can ensure the quality of our products without any wasted materials.  We've skipped the mold making process entirely to save every ounce of electricity and material and use only the materials we need.

Sample of the solidified powdery goodness.

Sample of the solidified powdery goodness.

Do the Rings of Power come any additional colors?

No, currently the only color we can produce is dark grey.  It is because of a lot of science jargon involving laser wavelengths and chemical processes.  As Nerdlife expands we hope to dedicate our resources to further advancements in Additive Manufacturing in the private sector in hopes to pull advanced manufacturing technology to the people.

How long will it take for my order to get here?

When you place an order our Nerds get to work on fusing particles together to form your product.  This process generally takes under one week to complete, however we are at the mercy of the waitlist.  If the egg-heads are overwhelmed and behind schedule we will alert you as soon as your order is made that the order will take more time to complete.  After fabrication we are all at the mercy of our teleportation system (USPS).

A sample of a custom table produced for a local nerd.

A sample of a custom table produced for a local nerd.

I want a sweet table, how do I order one?

Due to constant fluctuations in the US steel market, we here at Nerdlife can only do quotes manually.  If you are interested in having a custom table made our designers only need the general size and shape of the table you desire.  This can come as a sketch on a napkin or just numbers in an e-mail.  When you know what size you are looking for just head to the top banner and select Contact.  If you don't mind briefly describing what you are seeking we can put together a quote for you.

What does shipping on a table cost?

This can only be figured out upon order.  Shipping large heavy objects generally come at a cost.  We are attempting to create tables that can be easily disassembled and shipping can only be figured on a case-by-case basis.